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SCA Services

As an unincorporated area in New Castle County, the SCA serves to arrange for snow plowing, SCA newsletter (SCAN), SCA Community Watch (in conjunction with NCC Police), SCA community events (including Halloween Parade, House Decorating Contest, Easter Egg Hunt), and landscaping entrances. State and County officials regularly attend SCA meetings. These meetings provide an opportunity for residents to speak directly to elected officials about issues facing our community.

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Please note the following:

Please do not place signs at or on the Island entrances. The island entrances are the property of the SCA and we do not permit posting of any signs. You may as a dues paying member place a free ad on the web site. Illegal signs will be removed and the posting party contacted.!!!!

What does the SCA consider as “Senior Citizen age” for dues purposes?

The SCA has voted “62” as “Senior Citizen age” for dues purposes.

Why doesn’t DELDOT provide snow plowing for Scottfield?

Scottfield is one of many unincorporated communities in New Castle County. For residents of Scottfield, this means even though we have a Newark post office address, our local government is New Castle County Council and not the city of Newark. We are not supplied municipal services such as trash pick-up or snow plowing. The Delaware Department of Transportation (DELDOT), however, is responsible for road repairs in Scottfield.





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